eFoils in Majorca

Fly over the Mediterranean sea with our latest generation eFoils. At Nusawa, we offer everything you need to learn to navigate the water and enjoy electric surfboards, which will give you the sensation that you are flying over the water and the freedom to go wherever you want without wind or waves.


Palma de Mallorca


Light Rain




Are you ready to fly?

eFoils bring technology and surf together to create an experience which combines the sensation of surfing with that of flying and snowboarding.⁠ For this, a lithium-ion battery is used, which powers an electric motor controlled by a Bluetooth remote control. This will allow you to surf and fly at the same time.


Our latest generation eFoils offer the best navigation experience on Majorca’s seas


Each of our instructors is qualified and gives classes which are adapted to the participants’ levels, following a learning protocol which is unique to Europe, developed by the eFoil Academy.


Nusawa offers all the necessary equipment, maintaining strict standards to guarantee a 100% safe experience.

Amazing moment. We recommend !



How long does the activity last?

To make the most of your e-foil experience, it’s essential to learn the basic technical rules as well as the basic safety standards. For 1h: 15 minutes out of the water (technique/safety) and 45 minutes in the water.

Is the equipment provided?

Yes. We will put at your disposal an impact vest, wetsuit and helmet to ensure your comfort and safety. You have the possibility to bring your own vest and helmet if you wish.

Is it open to all levels?

Yes, from beginner to advanced, our instructor will accompany you step by step in your progression following the only E-foil academy official protocol

Where does the activity take place?

In order to be able to enjoy the best sea conditions and so that you can fully and safely enjoy this experience, we will meet in one of the many places on the island selected by us. The meeting point will be communicated to you no later than the day before

What happens if I cancel?

In case of force majeure or impracticable weather conditions (strong waves, strong wind, storm): we reserve the right to postpone the activity at the latest 24 hours before the scheduled date. We will set a new date together according to your availability.         If it is impossible for you to attend (emergency, unforeseen): We may postpone the activity to a later date, at no additional cost if we are informed 24 hours before the initially scheduled date.

What is the payment method?

payment is made directly at the time of booking by bank transfer. Booking could only be confirmed when presenting payment receipt.

Can I enjoy a completely private course?

We have chosen to privatize at 100%for you and your friends to optimise the quality of support and allow you to progress in the best conditions.

Is there a minimum age / maximum weight required to practice E-Foil?

We accept anyone from 12 years old onwards who can swim and does not present any medical contraindication to sports practice. For the under-aged, parental authorisation is required.

the weight of the « rider » could not exceed 90 kilos.

Do I need to be able to swim?

Yes, it is an essential prerequisite for the practice of E-foil.

Do I need to have specific insurance?

Yes. Nusawa has liability insurance that covers in case of a problem related to your liability (accident, damages). However, in case of breach of your responsibility (breach of security instructions, current regulations or specific instructions given) you must be insured (civil liability, travel insurance, etc.) and accept the conditions during the booking process.